For more than 20 years we have produced bottled wines carrying labels owned or designed by our clients. Examples include:

  • a UK distributor who wanted to establish a range of our Marlborough wines under their own brand;
  • an overseas on-trade hospitality group who already had their own brand and wanted to add our Sauvignon Blanc to their range;
  • an overseas importer who previously purchased cleanskin wines from us who now prints their own labels locally and sends them to New Zealand for us to apply at the same time as the wine is bottled;
  • a New Zealand winery who wanted to add Sauvignon Blanc to their own range.

We offer a flexible, customised service with the aim of satisfying our client’s brand aspirations in a realistic and cost-effective way. As well as the labels themselves, other variables can be bottle type, cap colour and packaging.
For planning purpose, and bearing economies of scale in mind, the minimum order quantity for own-brand wine is 3,000 bottles per variety per vintage.

We can also supply cleanskin wine (ie bottled wine with no labels) to Export and New Zealand clients. Cap colour and bottle type might be variables, depending on lead time, quantity and availability, which would also influence the minimum order quantity.

We welcome all enquiries about private labels, own brands and cleanskin wines.

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