Our Wine - Clark Estate
Clark Estate is a passionate family wine business that prides itself on innovation and quality, taking bold steps to stand out from the crowd and is not afraid to show what can be done. Whether it be cutting edge winemaking, dynamic packaging or market driven initiatives such as KeyKeg to cater for the fast growing wine-on-tap market.
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We craft powerful, vibrant wines with an authentic sense of place at our family owned 32 acre vineyard in the Upper Awatere sub region of Marlborough.

Clark Estate wines

The Awatere Valley is home to the terroir which give our wines their distinctive and vibrant flavour.

The vines are subjected to strong winds and cool temperatures creating the perfect conditions to mildly stress the vines and concentrate the fruit.

Respectfully, our wine is created in partnership with nature. The part we play is to connect, understand, envision and make possible the potential each harvest brings.

Creating wine that truly is powerful, vibrant & authentic.


Clericus is the Roman origin of Clark and is associated with Roman Scholars. Clark Estate reserves only their finest wines to carry the name Clericus. These are wines made with love and passion. They tell a story of our land, our vines and our dedication to making great wine. Intelligent use of oak and indigenous yeast have created wines of wonderful harmony and balance.

Clark Estate black label

Our Clark Estate black label wines are Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. Each of these wines are powerful and authentic, made with the best of our estate grown fruit and created to be enjoyed in any setting.

Clark Estate white label

Our Clark Estate white label wines are fun and vibrant. Great value with something for any occasion.

The remote location of Clark Estate allow us to enjoy the vast Universe above us.  It’s under these spectacular skies that we can harvest our fruit and preserve the vibrant fruit flavours.