Clark Estate

Clark Estate is our signature brand, consisting of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Classic Riesling, Block 8 Riesling (sweeter style), Sparkling Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Botrytised Riesling (dessert wine) and Late Harvest Pinot Gris (dessert wine).

Each wine is carefully crafted in the vineyard so that minimal intervention is needed in the winery.


Sauvignon Blanc

The Upper Awatere is known for its rugged soils, unforgiving climate and stunning Sauvignon Blanc flavours.
Strong winds, scorching daytime temperatures, and cool clear nights contribute to the development of the amazing flavours found in Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

Our single-vineyard Sauvignon Blanc is crafted by this terroir, creating wines that are pristine, refined and well balanced, with a strong sense of place.

Pinot Gris

The Black Birch is a pristine alpine stream which feeds clean mountain waters into the main Awatere River. The Black Birch range also directs cooler winds down onto the vines during the autumn months, slowing the ripening process just enough to ripen the Pinot Gris fruit to perfection.

Our Pinot Gris has a delicate richness and power driven by the low cropping and fully ripened grapes hanging from the vines that have been nourished by the Black Birch waters.


Pinot Grigio

Climate conditions high in the Awatere Valley can often resemble that of the hills around Veneto, Italy. Hot days and cool dry nights with fresh sea breezes blowing off the Pacific Ocean help to ripen the fruit slowly, perfect conditions for the Italian style of Pinot Grigio. Made in the same dry and fruit driven style, this wine is beautiful, with a hint of pink.

Clark Estate - Riesling - 2019

Classic Riesling

Grown on a gentle south facing slope of the upper Awatere valley, the vines are less exposed and the fruit is left to ripen slowly to develop lovely aromatic flavours reminiscent of the classic Rieslings made around the world.
Our single-vineyard Classic Riesling is lively with wonderful aromatics and a mineral edge thanks to the chalky texture, showing how well the Upper Awatere soils can grow great Riesling.

Clark Estate Reisling

Block 8 Riesling

Our Block 8 Riesling is the pure essence of the Awatere Valley. This medium sweet wine shows great poise and structure with flavours that burst from the glass. The lower alcohol of 8.5% makes this wine perfect for lunchtime meals or simply enjoyed by itself.

Sparkling Riesling

The Upper Awatere has all the perfect ingredients for classic Sparkling grapes. Very cool nights leading up to harvest slows the breakdown of the natural acids and flavours are developed over a longer time than usual. The soil is rich in limestone giving the wine its chalky mineral character.

Pinot Noir

Our single-vineyard Pinot Noir was made from grapes grown in the far reaches of the Upper Wairau Valley in Marlborough.  The soils there are ideal for quality Pinot Noir, with a small amount of clay helping the vines survive the dry Marlborough summers and fully ripen the fruit.

Late Harvest Pinot Gris

Only made in selected years when the weather conditions are perfect, a few rows of Pinot Gris remain on the vines to mature and develop noble rot. We call this dessert wine our “Liquid Gold”. Our latest vintage was 2013 but it has since sold out. We are awaiting another perfect year ….


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