Clark Estate - Clark Estate
Clark Estate is a passionate family wine business that prides itself on innovation and quality, taking bold steps to stand out from the crowd and is not afraid to show what can be done. Whether it be cutting edge winemaking, dynamic packaging or market driven initiatives such as KeyKeg to cater for the fast growing wine-on-tap market.
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Welcome to Clark Estate

Clark Estate is a true family wine company that prides itself on being vibrant, powerful and authentic.

 The journey began for Peter and Jane Clark back in 1998 when they made the decision to venture to Marlborough, plant a vineyard and live off the land.  More than 20 years later our wines are being exported and enjoyed all over the world.


We believe strongly in honest family values, outstanding quality and prompt service.  Our wines really do showcase the best of what Marlborough can offer.

The terroir of the Upper Awatere is unique to Marlborough. Ancient soils combined with harsh climatic conditions make the vines struggle and fight for every bit of flavour produced in the grapes.

Learn more about the man behind our wines

Simon Clark has his own thoughts and ideas about how to craft wines from each vintage and make them special.  Find out more here.

2016 Sauvignon Blanc Night Harvest

The remote location of Clark Estate allow us to enjoy the vast Universe above us.  It’s under these spectacular skies that we can harvest our fruit and preserve the vibrant fruit flavours.

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